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Economic Benefits of Landscaping

Installing a new landscape or enhancing an existing garden is essential to increase the investment you have made on your property.  Looking at your home from a resale standpoint, on a cost per square foot basis, adding an outdoor living space has a better return per dollar than any other remodeling project. Entry garden enhancements improve a property’s curb appeal and invite buyers into your home, while outdoor living spaces increase the square footage of your home and add an extra living space to your property.  According to “Smart Money”, you could boost the resale value of your home by 15% and could see a return of 150% or more on your initial landscape investment. Not only would your property value increase, but realtors have seen homes that are well landscaped sell up to 6 weeks faster than homes with the standard green lawn and bleak plant beds.

If you aren’t planning to resell your home any time soon, landscaping your property can save you some money while you are living in the home as well. A well shaded HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard as one that bakes in the sun, which in turn lowers your heating and air costs. Also, having trees and shrubs purposely placed to shade windows and walls of homes reduces heating and air costs up to 50%. Landscaping obviously provides an attractive addition to any home, but is also an investment that pays you back in time!

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