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Earth, Fire, Stone, Water

One of the best parts of landscaping is being able to take a drab, boring space, and turn it into a lush outdoor living environment. You are able to appreciate a landscape even more when you see the project from beginning to end.

  • Client:
  • Task:
    To transform a boring 'yard' into a beautiful outdoor oasis.
  • Elements:
    Earth, Water, Fire, Stone
Plants, turf, soil & compost, mulch & pinestraw : from the earth and for the earth. Adding color, textures, fragrance, and comfort to your home is key. We strive to build health and longevity in your outdoor landscape.
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Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of trickling water. Pool & Spas, stone ponds, tier fountains and wetland remediation are fantastic additions to an outdoor space. If irrigation is your concern we’re licensed NC Irrigation contractors as well.
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Cooking outdoors on a warm summer day beats the kitchen every time. Adding an outdoor grill or roaster, fireplace, or firepit is a stanley additon to any property. Make a quality focal point for gathering with friends at all times of the year.
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Hardscape can provide key directional and focal points of a property. When it comes to driveways, walkways, terraces, and patios, a little design can go a long way in both form and function. From brick to natural stone, we can make a difference.
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