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What is a ‘Landscape’?

The use of the word Landscaping has different meanings to different folks. It is often associated with traditional lawn maintenance or mowing lawns (which is an important part of cultivating and growing a garden) but at Element Outdoor Living it is much more than that! The landscape is everything around you; the earth, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, beach, and sky. These factors are all interconnected and our inspiration is often derived from nature’s simplistic beauty.

The functionality and beauty of a space starts with careful consideration for those interconnected factors which leads to the development of a perfectly planned landscape design. By carefully studying a property we take the time to figure out the natural beauty in a space. We can emphasize these areas of the landscape or come up with a plan to address poor site conditions so that a property can become cohesively beautiful and meets a clients needs.

When evaluating site conditions it is important to look at all elements and figure out how they affect the site and surrounding environment. We all can enjoy a beautifully designed property for its aesthetic value, but there is often a broader context of its relationship to the larger environment or ‘landscape’ that makes a place truly special.

Written by Blair Walton

Live Oak & Stepping Stones

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