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Winter Gardening

“What do you guys do in the winter?” is a popular question we hear in regards to our winter landscaping schedule. This comes from the common misconception that you can’t plant during the winter months. In more northern parts of the United States the ground freezes and there are snow & ice storms for 3-4 months out of the year – in these conditions it would be extremely difficult to plant a new landscape. But good news – Wilmington has a very mild climate which allows us to plant all year long!

One major difference with planting in the winter is that your garden is not bright green and colorful immediately following an installation. Your garden may lack the vibrance of a summer garden but the transformation is still incredible! Adding new sod, creating fresh clean bed lines, and enhancing plant beds with a new layer of mulch will dramatically improve any landscape.

Winter is also a great time of year to focus on the “bones” of your garden – your evergreen plantings!  We are fortunate to live in a city where we can enjoy the outdoors almost year round so you want to make sure your winter landscape is just as visually stimulating as it is in other seasons. Popular evergreen plantings in our area include Boxwoods, Loropetalum, Camellias, Fatsia, Aspidistra, & Sabal Minor Palms. Camellias are also a great way to bring a little pop of color in your garden from the fall through the entire winter. Most annuals and perennials in our area die back for the winter, but if you want a little pop of color, pansies, violas, and snap dragons are a great way to brighten up any outdoor space!

Garden ViewSide Walkway ViewPorch View

The pictures above show a great example of a winter garden enhancement transformation. Even though the Japanese maples are lacking their green foliage you can still see how much of a difference can be made! During these cool winter months don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your landscaping needs! Get your landscape enhanced early in the year so you can enjoy the full spectrum of color and blooms that your garden has to offer in the spring.

Written By: Alyssa Winfield


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